Private Reservations

The Sky Theater is the perfect place for field trips and other private events for school age children and adults. If you would like to make a reservation for a private event, please read the information below carefully. You are encouraged to request a reservation as far in advance as possible. We require AT LEAST 2 weeks notice for all reservations.



What's included?

A visit to the Sky Theater lasts approximately 1 hour and consists of three parts:

  • An immersive, full-dome experience, featuring a show of your choice.
  • A guided tour of the night sky.
  • A question and answer session.



How much does it cost?

Events during normal business hours (M-F, 8-5):

  • Group with less than 33 individuals = $100
  • Group with 34+ individuals = $3 per person

After normal business hours, and Saturdays. We are closed Sundays:

  • Group with less than 50 individuals = $150
  • Group with 50+ individuals = $3 per person


NOTE: The Sky Theater has a maximum capacity of 100. If your group is larger, arrangements for separate shows will need to be made. Please allot one hour per group if it is necessary to split up your shows.


Effective September 2013: Visitors will need a visitor parking permit to park on campus. We have the visitor's permits available for purchase (at $5.00 each) when you arrive for your event. Visitor's parking permits are not required for Saturday events.


How do I make a reservation?

Reservation requests can be made by sending an email to our Astronomy Coordinator at Please include the following information in your email:

  • Organization or Group name
  • Contact name/email/phone/fax
  • Age level
  • # of students attending /# of adults attending
  • # of passenger vehicles
  • Title of Show (See Show Library)
  • Preferred date and time
  • Alternate date and time


If you are coming during the week, you will be required to have a parking pass for your vehicle (excluding large busses, which will be able to park for free).

Purchase parking passes here.


For more information please call (940)369-8213.